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September Dawn
Owner of Exotic Star Models

Exotic Star Models

Tommy Gunn

Rebecca Anderson, Editorial Assistant,
Adult Industry News:
Jack Lawrence's Breaking into Porn should be required viewing for anyone thinking of working in the Industry, male or female. The advice he has provided will not only improve male models' performance capabilities, it will make for better on set camraderie.

Breaking into Porn is a concept that is long overdue - thanks, Jack, for making it happen!

Derek Hey
Owner of LA Direct Models

LA Direct Models

Ron Jeremy

Frank Steedz

Hey Jack,

Just writing to let you know what a fantastic video you've made !!

I purchased it last friday and it arrived tuesday ... so far I've watched the first two disks ... extremely informative and professional!! I ordered it out of curiousity, I've been a fan of the adult biz for 20 yrs now ... I'm 38. Attending the AVN expo for the last few years, I wanted to learn more about how things in the biz really go ... Your product is an eye opener to say the least! I'm a professional photographer on the east coast, I love beautiful women and my girlfriend enjoys watching porn also ... but I'm certainly no aspiring porn actor ... I'm developing ideas to make some gonzo amateur videos with my girlfriend (she's built for porn) ... If you ever need a testomonial, I'd be more than happy to write one for you, or you could just edit down this one!

Continued success Jack !
Frank T.

Breaking Into Porn DVD is the only DVD out there that gives you the truth about the porn biz inside and out. No bullshit! This DVD has helped me make some great scenes.

If you want to be a true pornstar on and off camera, then buy the DVD trust me -- IT IS WORTH IT.

Dear Jack Lawrence,

Well, I figured out that I am not cut out for Porn afterall, after watching Breaking Into Porn, mostly because of my work and location, but I did learn how to get my wife to enjoy anal sex after 4 year of trying unsuccessfully. Now she actually askes me for it, which is amazing since I thought I would never get her to like it. That alone was worth the price and I also learnt how to have sex with her longer which she is very appreciative of. Good tips for everyone there, and Tyler Faith is so hot, you have to have her in your next movie!

Stewart Price
Nashville, KY (via email)

I liked the 4 DVD's in Breaking into Porn - good tips on how to get in which I am working on, and thank you for letting me know how it works out there, I had no idea, and now I know what tolook out for. I am suprised you told all your secrets, thought you guys all kept that on the downlow!

I'll be out there in April to become a porn star like you, watch out for me, see you on a set sometime, I'll buy you lunch!

Steve - (asked not to use last name)
Portland, OR (via email)

Mr. Lawrence's film breaking into porn is a great instructional way to not only learn what it takes to make it within the adult film world but also on how to be a suave and intelligent professional. You will need to take notes as so much useful knowledge is shared that will undoubtedly make your possible career choice of being within adult film much more tangible and achievable. Mr. Lawrence is a smooth operator undoubtedly operating correctly and we can all take something from his style as he seems to have the game figured out.

James Murphy
London, England

When I first saw that this was over 8 hours long, I scoffed. As I began watching I realised that like any other job or career, this takes some serious homework. I feel like I know enough to make my move now. I didn't even know there was so much porn filmed in Florida, I assumed that I had to move to Los Angeles. I am very glad that I watched this first, now I know what the game is, how to play it, and how to get on the 'Team'. Jack, you're like a walking encyclopedia on this stuff, I am impressed.

Pete (stage name unknown yet, but I am working on it!)
Tampa, Florida (via email)

Jack's video was not only comprehensive and informative but probably THE X factor in my own successful break into porn. After an abysmal first scene, I (admittedly) knew I would never make it unless I somehow gained a bit more knowledge and experience.

I stumbled upon this video prior to a Penthouse shoot (ironically with Holly West who is IN the video) watched disk two ad nauseum (mostly to ward off nervous anxiety), subsequenly hit a home run AND went on to shoot for Hustler, Vivid, Adam and Eve and the usual gauntlet of gonzo companies and even performed along side Jack for Harmony Inc. (quite validating).

I stole 5 tips on "porn etiquette" and how to treat my female talent as both a "friend and peer" (Jack's words) and have build quite an impressive social and professional network of girls and directors that use me.

Thanks Jack!
Jordan Lane

I got the DVD's because of what Steward said, I have also been unable to get my wife to even try anal sex. We watched it together and she still said she was not going to try it. Then 3 weeks later I caught her watching it, and we did it right then and there. Now she's down for it once a week, which has me happy. I will never be able to do porn, but I feel like a porn star now, thank you, Jack Lawrence. You changed my sex life and I can't say how much that means to me (us).

P.S. My wife saw you riding your bike in Santa Monica last week, but was too shy to say hi. You were next to her at a stop light and she saw your website on your wheel. You're a shameless self promoter, but I guess that goes with the business.

Kevin Wilson
Venice, California

Hey there Jack, how are you?!  It's T.C(the black male talent and model). Here is my testimonial/comment about you movie "Breaking into Porn":

You 4 disc DVD is very advisable.  It tell the way on how to break in and work in the industry professionally.  The 4 disc was very useful. I just wish I had this at the time when I first was trying to "break into porn" back in the mid-90s as a college student.  The DVD were pretty much understandable. Good thing you had Tyler Faith in your documentary, because it always good to sexy-hot women in this type of documentary for this type of industry.  As a male performer I learn alittle more than I did then and still continue to learn more, to future my education about this business.

male talent/model/actor